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Na Li - Chief Executive Officer/Chief Academic Officer

Kyin Chiou - Chief Operating Officer

Juan Antimo - Cosmetology Instructor

Juan Antimo has over 30 years of experience in the cosmetology industry including two years experience in teaching cosmetology. He continued to get higher education at Skyline College in San Francisco in 2012 for Cosmetology. He concentrates on teaching student to pass the State Board Examination and handles direct customer service. He has also attended many advance training classes in thermal styling, hair cutting, hair weaving and replacement. He holds the following credential:
California Cosmetology License (KK570632)
Barbering (B67255)

Elisa Aguilera - Cosmetology and Esthetician Instructor

Elisa Aguilera has over 20 years in the cosmetology industry. She has operated her own store in Hayward for over 10 years. Her passion is to teach and this is where she wants to pass on her skills. She holds the following credential:
California Cosmetologist license (KK 238147)

Rong Rong Ye - Massage Course Insturctor

Rong Rong Ye is a highly educated TCM instructor with many years of teaching Tui-Na Massage Therapy. In 2005 Mr. Ye received his Master degree in TCM from Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences (ACCHS). He holds the following credential:
Certified Massage Therapist (Certificate # 9413)

Vi Dung - Cosmetology and Manicurist Instructor

Vi Dung Graduated from International College of Cosmetology in 2012 and received his Manicurist license. In 2014 he received his Cosmetology license and joined the staff in 2015. He handles the reception desk, student supervision, and training of reception desk operations. Also, Mr. Vi continues attending professional training classes. He holds the following credentials:
California Cosmetology license (KK 571593)
California Manicurist license (M308233)

Trung Nguyen - Manicurist Instructor

Trung Nguyen has over 15 years experiences of teaching in Manicurist. Upon coming San Francisco, he attended the International College of Cosmetology taking the manicurist course in 1999. Mr. Trung continued his education in Manicurist courses and got his license in 2000. His passion is instructing student on nail care. He had 10 years experience in teaching Manicurist classes in Oakland. He also continues attended many advanced instructor training classes. He holds the following credentials
California Manicurist license (M 218887)